Don't forget about Mother's Day! Shop our favorites Don't forget about Mother's Day! Shop our favorites


Learn How to Create Your Own Jewelry in Wax for Casting with Dante Perozzi Jewelry

Learn How to Create Your Own Jewelry in Wax for Casting with Dante Perozzi Jewelry

Join Dante Perozzi Jewelry for one of her exciting, hands-on workshops where you can learn to design and create a wax design for lost wax casting. During this three to four hour class, guests will gain insight from demonstrations as well as group instruction on designing with wax which will then be cast in metal. With materials supplied and tools at hand, you'll have every available minute to make something special!

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New Partnership with Hometown- Shopping Local made easy!

Hello Friends,

The season is upon us and we have an important announcement. We want to let you know of an exciting new partnership we have made.

We have partnered with our friends at Hometown!

Hometown finds the best local CO companies (like us) and puts them on one website to make it easier for people who want to support local businesses like yourself to shop online.


Screenshot of hometown webstie
Hometown vets all of the businesses on their site so you know you are getting the best products possible from businesses right in Colorado. From jewelry, to coffee, to heated jackets, to locally designed clothing, Hometown offers goods from more than 15 local businesses offering unique, high-quality


Whether shopping for gifts on Small Business Saturday or picking out something personal, Hometown shoppers can feel good about the products they are purchasing. All of the proceeds go back into the local community, so by shopping with Hometown, you are supporting small businesses and helping them grow.

If you're looking for a unique gift, check out Hometown Shopping. You're sure to find something special that your loved ones will love. Thanks for reading and we hope you visit!



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THIRTY-ONE DAYS of GIVING!!! 100 Bonus Entry Form :)

THIRTY-ONE DAYS of GIVING!!! 100 Bonus Entry Form :)

💚 31 Days of Giving 💚 We've teamed up with 31 lovely beauty & wellness brands and retailers for this massive giveaway worth over $1200 USD. The winner will get over $1200 worth of gift cards to spend, so they can shop at all of the b

Brands & retailers involved

To enter: ✨ Follow at least 3 brands tagged in this giveaway on INSTAGRAM (see each caption on tagged accounts for more brands, there are so many it doesn’t fit in one post!) —

@danteperozzijewelry @living.pantry.marketplace @thegoodfill @shopsimplegood @notoxlife @masonandgreens @ecoandtheflamingo @jivanaskincare @trybonny "@otherwild " 🎄 Tag a

friend who you might share with if you win 😜.

💚 100 bonus entries: join our giveaway email list!



** Open to USA & Canada residents only. Giveaway ends on January 1st 2023. One winner will be selected the week of January 1st and notified by dm. Certain brands (1-3 involved) do not ship to either US or Canada, so in that case, a second smaller winner may be selected for those prizes. Prize is non-transferrable, has no cash equivalent, and is not endorsed or sponsored by IG. 18 or older only may participate.**⁠

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Studio Changes

Studio Changes

Exciting Changes in the Studio! 

Read on for my exciting new news!

I have been considering the pros and cons of moving a greater amount of production in-house for well over a year. Then in February of 2022 I flew out to Albuquerque, NM to my favorite material and tool supplier look at purchasing some new equipment. I was warmly received there and given a super-fun VIP facility tour and a demo on the machines I was interested in. I was met by the entire regional sales team and it made me feel like a queen, but with tools. It was such a killer experience I will never forget

2 weeks later a giant delivery of pallets and crates was left in my driveway and I spent many an hour using crowbars, drills and brute strength to get everything unpacked and moved into my studio. 

What did I get???? Well... the biggies are a casting machine, kiln, vacuum table,  standing buffing machine with dust collector :) Just to name a few. Yep, I went for it. 

It certainly wasn't easy taking all of these steps. Just the sheer size of the incoming items and the feat of fitting it all into my smaller space. Reading so many manuals and going crosseyed. Worrying regularly if I made the right move by investing in all this stuff. Lots of smoke, bad fiery smells and accidental messes were all a part of this learning curve. I'll spare you many of the more mundane but equally trying steps that I had to take to get up and running. 

What really matters is this: I now have ALL the necessary tools and equipment to bring casting production in-house. This will be a transition that takes place over time. My current system works just fine and I will be easing into the transition.

What does this mean to you?
- I will be making and offering more one-of-a-kinds.
- I will have room for greater creative explorations = more exciting design directions. 
- I will soon be offering a larger portion of my collections in gold.
- I will be able to keep my pricing reasonable and my margins sustainable as markets soar.
- I will be adding new team members so you might see some faces other than mine!

What will NOT change...
- DPJ will continue to work only with recycled metals.
- DPJ will continue to offer the same standards of quality and always strive for improvement.

If you are still here, wow. Thanks for sticking it out. I promise you will see some beautiful things come out of this change.

As always, I appreciate your support and would love to hear your thoughts or questions! Feel free to respond directly to this email should you have something to say! I encourage and welcome your correspondence!

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Hoop-Lah: 6 Different Hoop Earrings We All Need This Year!

Hoop-Lah: 6 Different Hoop Earrings We All Need This Year!

Whether you are rushing out the door in jeans and a tee, stepping out for a cocktail  or donning a freshly pressed blazer with heels and headed into the office there's one accessory that ties an outfit together like nothing else we can think of, namely, hoop earrings. Hoops always win because they’re just universally flattering and functionally the most versatile style of earring. 

Here's a rundown of our 6 FAVE HOOPS and why we love them.

Nyx Hoops - Nyx Hoops are our most traditional style of Hoops. They come in both 1” & 2” diameter. These truly can go anywhere you need them to go. Packed in your vacation bags or worn into the office. Simple forms with a subtle hand sculpted texture make these pretties a complete crowd pleaser.

Athena Hoops - Named for the Athenian goddess because of the Majestic touch these add to any ensemble. These add a sense of boldness Athena hoops are polished to a mirror shine so they reflect the light with each movement. Definitely one of our most eye- catching pair of hoops. And the super reflective finish is tres riche!

Em Hugs - The newest addition to the DPJ hoop family are perfect for those of us who love the little things. These minimal tiny hoops have a fluid organic form combined with a high polish. Wear them anytime, anywhere. Fine to wear while being active or cuddling around grabby little baby fingers. These also work beautifully in a second piercing.

EOS Hoops - These are my personal faves. I like to say, if I had to choose one pair of earrings to live with for the rest of my life it would be the EOS hoops. I love everything about them, even the name after the Titan Goddess of the Dawn, EOS. Radiant and shining like we want you to always feel. These are a different take on hoops and you will never want to take them off.

Amphi Hoops - We created these at the request of some of our best clients who love a good statement earring like our EOS hoops but wanted threaders instead of posts as the functionality of the earring. With a high polish finish over an undulating organic surface these beauties are easy to wear and classy AF. 

Goddess Hoops-  Okay so these are technically studs but they have the feel of hoops with a twist! These symbolize so much in their simple textured radiance. These are one of our most popular earrings to gift as they are simple and easy to love but slightly different than what you might expect from a hoop.

No matter which is your go-to style of pairs of hoops options in your wardrobe this year!

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Cait's Fave Five: Earrings for Every Situation

Cait's Fave Five: Earrings for Every Situation

Hi there! Dante's assistant, Cait, here! I may have met you at a show, wrapped a DPJ box with our signature dried flowers and shipped it to you, oreven had a hand in making one of your favorite DPJ pieces. If we haven't crossed paths - HELLO and I am glad our paths are crossing now.

Cait Mchale for DPJ

Earlier this year, I walked into Studio Colfax, an enchanting store in Denver that sells all my favorite things - art, plants, and, most importantly (to me, at least), jewelry. It was there that I first came in contact with Dante's jewelry. And after standing in silence in Studio Colfax staring in absolute awe at the Slice Studs for a potentially awkward amount of time, I knew I had to do everything in my power to work for Dante. Since the day I first saw Dante's jewelry, I have been fortunate enough to spend quite a bit more time around her beautiful earrings, necklaces, rings and arm candy. Even more fortunately, I have been able to wear those pieces proudly and feel the power each piece packs - and with that - have become familiar with the way her jewelry make the wearer feel... beautiful, confident and prepared for anything the world has to throw at them that day

An earring lover through and through, my all time favorite DPJ pieces are as follows:

1. The Dome Top Earrings (dinner with the fam... next question), 
2. EOS Hoops (happy hour with my gal pals... le duh!),
Eos Hoops
3. Chain Link Dangles (date night with my boo... check check check), 
Chain Link Dangles
4. Bolt Threader Earrings (everyday threader good with a T-Shirt and jeans OR my favorite booties and black dress... yes pls),
Bolt Threaders
5. Last, but ABSOLUTELY not least, the earring that introduced me to Dante and her jewelry, the classic Slice Studs (perfect for any moment, any place, any outfit. Trust me.)Slice Studs
P.S. If you aren't a ride or die earring lover like me, check out the cuffs from DPJ's newest collection, Fortuna. The first time I saw them I got chills... take that as you will, but I have a feeling they will do the same to you! 
P.S.S. And if you or someone you love prefers a more traditionally masculine look - that's easy: the Brick RingChunky Corner RingBeam Bar Studs, and the Arch Cuff  will ALL check that box.
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An Artful Duo: Victoria Lora & Jamie Cernich

An Artful Duo: Victoria Lora & Jamie Cernich
...Victoria had just gotten a new camera, and we found some makeup reference on Pinterest and I threw together a look. We used the lights we had - a light-up makeup mirror and a laptop propped up on couch cushions, and just goofed around trying to be ~fashion~. We were convinced our two other roommates were going to come home and find us in the living room in the dark and wonder what the heck we were doing.  Continue reading

Jewelry Made Sustainable, Not Fast. by Kara Armstrong of The Conscious Merchant

Jewelry Made Sustainable, Not Fast. by Kara Armstrong of The Conscious Merchant
I don't know about you, but when someone says the words, "Valentine's Day" three things come to mind: jewelry, flowers, and Hallmark's logo. Three things that have plenty of room to become more sustainable. That is why we took the opportunity to meet with our friend and collaborator, Dante Perozzi, to talk about sustainability in jewelry, and why she works with metal. Continue reading
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