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Dante Perozzi Jewelry is a small company that was born in Los Angeles, CA and now resides in Denver, CO. The studio is dedicated to providing timeless wearable sculpture that moves beyond simple adornment, finding balance between art and everyday expression. This jewelry is thoughtfully made and contains within it the intention of the designer to inspire and empower the wearer.

"I was always going to be an artist. There was no other path that fit with who I was/am. I come from a family of artists, so I’ve always been making things- all kinds of things- with a strong sense of self and with the utmost confidence.

Between my two hands I have 7 fingers, which often forced me to creatively figure out my own ways of doing things. My brain is just good at creating. And my are hands too.

So...creativity is where I shined, and I always knew that I would pursue something artistic.

I was born in Zimbabwe but grew up in the States. While studying sculpture at Cal State Long Beach, I fell in love with foundry and metal arts. I was instantly smitten and found that making jewelry felt like an outlet for me, a kind of liberation from the heady conceptual art world of sculpture. Jewelry is MUCH more light-hearted and far easier to transport than brick, concrete, and resin sculptures. This is how my jewelry practice was born, and then it didn’t take long for me to create the foundation pieces for Dante Perozzi Jewelry.

My inspiration is sourced from both my artistic lineage, my physics surroundings and also my love for mythology. My early collections, Brick & CityScape were inspired by different types of urban environments. I still have lots of family in South Africa. While touring Soweto during a visit, I saw that the people there built their homes out of old billboards, fences, tires, whatever they could make good use of. The creativity required to do what they had done—essentially making something out of nothing—really got me thinking about the idea of home and inhabited spaces. Living in Los Angeles surrounded by so many different types of architecture also reinforced my interest in construction and buildings. Layer into all of this my lifelong love of mythology & high fantasy. My jewelry designs from the beginning to the present all stem from some combination of these fascinations.

Today,in my studio practice each new design builds upon the last. I often find small elements of previous designs that inspire me on the merit of their form, so I pull them forward and develop them into new ideas. In this way, I am able to create cohesive collections and help me feel connected to my artistic foundations."


Perozzi creates most of her production pieces in sterling silver, raw brass and 10K gold. The Studio is committed to eco-efficient choices, conscious studio practices and uses recycled metals and ethically sourced materials whenever possible.




  • All metal scraps are saved and sent to our supplier to be recycled and go back in to the creation of many of our pieces.
  • We keep the use of plastic bags to a minimum using recyclable paper products whenever we can. 
  • All paper waste in the studio is recycled.

Local & Community

  • All of our retail partners are independent small businesses 
  • We regularly participate in local events to support & get to know our communities 
  • We are committed to supporting charitable organizations whose efforts benefit women, children, and the environment. 

Made in the USA

  • All jewelry is handmade in the Dante Perozzi Jewelry Studio 
  • Most gemstones and raw materials are either made in the U.S. or purchased from U.S.-based suppliers whenever possible.
  • Most packaging supplies are made in the U.S.A.

Please see our FAQ's for order specific information