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Born in Zimbabwe and raised in Charleston, South Carolina; jewelry maker Dante Perozzi moved to Los Angeles in 2002 to study sculpture at CSULB. After graduating with her Fine Arts Degree, she chose to apply her talents towards innovative jewelry making and design. Working in her studio she recently relocated to Denver, CO, Perozzi utilizes traditional metal fabrication techniques and the lost wax methodology forming each of her prototypes thoughtfully by hand. 

The designer approaches her creations much in the way a sculptor creates an extended body of work. It is only natural as Perozzi comes from a background exhibiting and creating installation and sculptural works and received her education in Sculpture and new genre arts at California State University, Long Beach. 

Perozzi makes her creations with a combination of the ancient technique of Lost Wax casting and metal fabrication. Within each collection, Perozzi looks to her last design to inform the next. For example the Brick and the CityScape Collections were created and inspired by the rich metaphors, patterns & geometry present in urban areas. Perozzi wanted to incorporate and express her personal style and love for things like architectural forms, brick pattern, ideas of home and the structures that we inhabit as a species. Perozzi’s first designs in the Brick Collection were the Brick Ring and the Brick Pendant. These employ simple brick pattern and represent ideas about “foundation” for her. 
“ There are so many directions these ideas can take and we can all relate to them on some level just by being inhabitants of cities or small communities. I want to leave room for people to interpret what the pieces mean for them specifically as we all have our own personal relationships to our surroundings. And I love to hear what people have to say about their DPJ pieces”
Since the creation of the CityScape Collection, Perozzi has added two additional collections to her line: Tri Collection and Curvation. Here the designer focuses and breaks down her interests to basic form and in the case of Curvation begins to incorporate textures as well.

Perozzi creates most of her production pieces in sterling silver and raw brass. She works in 14K Gold jewelry for custom orders when working directly with clients & she anticipates the release of her Fine Jewelry Collection sometime in 2018. 

The Studio is committed to eco-efficient choices, conscious studio practices and use recycled metals and ethically sourced materials whenever possible



  • All metal scraps are saved and sent to our supplier to be recycled and go back in to the creation of many of our pieces.
  • We keep the use of plastic bags to a minimum using recyclable paper products whenever we can. 
  • All paper waste in the studio is recycled.
Local & Community
  • All of our retail partners are independent small businesses 
  • We regularly participate in local events to support & get to know our communities 
  • We are committed to supporting charitable organizations whose efforts benefit women, children, and the environment. 
Made in the USA
  • All jewelry is handmade in the Dante Perozzi Jewelry Studio 
  • Most gemstones and raw materials are either made in the U.S. or purchased from U.S.-based suppliers whenever possible.
  • Most packaging supplies are made in the U.S.A.

Please see our FAQ's for order specific information