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Caring for & cleaning your Brass, Silver, Gold or Plated jewelry can sometimes be confusing. What to do and what NOT to do aren't always the same for different kinds of metals. Whatever the metal, you will find the tips you need to know to keep your Dante Perozzi jewelry in good shape.

Brass Jewelry if taken care of can be enjoyed and passed down through generations. Brass undergoes change when exposed to the elements. If it gets wet or has prolonged exposure it will start to turn a deeper color (which can be lovely) but to prevent water marks be sure to pat it dry after it gets wet. Store it in a pouch or dark place when not in use. If the color changes more than to your liking there are plenty of simple DIY brass cleaning recipes out there. There are also polishing cloths that can be used on brass. Here is a link to more info on brass including one cleaning recipe (you probably already have everything you need in your kitchen cabinet). If you want to keep things really simple, try dipping your brass jewelry in ketchup- this is also great if you have a pieces with lots of detailed crevices, this will be easier than tryin to get into all the corners with a cloth. So many options to bring back the shine. You can always use conventional cleaner like brasso. 


Sterling Silver Jewelry will tarnish over time if left exposed to the elements. The more you wear your silver jewelry, the less it will tarnish. But if it does tarnish it an easy fix. To bring Silver back to its shiny state gently rub with a polishing cloth. Here is a link to our favorite polishing cloths you can order online.  


14K Gold Overlay & Rhodium on Brass  will give you the look of gold without the price tag. But it comes with a little extra maintenance and a definite lifespan. It stands to reason earrings will endure for longer than rings which are more frequently in contact with skin & worn in an area with more activity hence more wear & tear. This jewelry should be kept away from chemicals, perfumes & oils. Give it a break from time to time. After the plating has worn away, consider having it re-plated at a jeweler. Its still less expensive than buying a new ring and it comes back looking brand new again. If you find that you love the design so much that you want it to endure the test of time, consider having us make it for you in 14K gold, sterling silver or even brass will endure forever with proper care.


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