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New One of a Kind Pieces - shop the drop! New One of a Kind Pieces - shop the drop!


Shop the NEW NEW Dante Perozzi Pieces today!
  • Cora Hoops Cora Hoops

    Cora Hoops


  • naia mecklace in brass with gold filled chain Naia Necklace

    Naia Necklace


  • LIANA Hoops LIANA Hoops

    LIANA Hoops


  • PELISSE Earrings PELISSE Earrings

    PELISSE Earrings


  • LIANA Cuff LIANA Cuff

    LIANA Cuff


  • KARE Cuff NAIA cuffstack

    KARE Cuff


  • NARA Chain Nara 16" CHAIN

    NARA Chain


  • VOTA Ring VOTA Ring

    VOTA Ring


  • LENA Studs LENA Studs

    LENA Studs


    Sold out



  • LIANA Necklace LIANA Necklace

    LIANA Necklace


    Sold out
  • Golden Trails Earrings Golden Trails Dangles on Model up close

    Golden Trails Dangle Earrings


  • Silver Trails Dangle Earring Silver Trails Dangles on Model

    Silver Trails Dangle Earring


  • Rille Cuff Bracelet Rille Cuff Bracelet on Model

    Rille Cuff Bracelet


  • Radii Cuff Radii Cuff Bracelet on Model

    Radii Cuff


  • Pearl Trails Post Dangle Earrings Pearl Trail Earrings

    Pearl Trails Post Dangle Earrings