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Do you have and old, tangled, damage or unloved chain you will never wear lying around your jewelry box? Bring any sterling silver or gold chain as well as some gold filled chains to an in-person market to exchange for a credit towards your purchase. We clean and re-purpose older chains in some of our designs both because we like the appearance and we enjoy the sustainable aspect of repurposing. If we can't repurpose them, we will recycle them through casting or refining

  • Store credit amounts will vary usually between $10-$20 for silver and gold filled unless they are significantly larger than our average. Gold credits will be individually assessed. 
  • We offer credits based on our average chain costs. In other words we are happy to offer you what costs we would incur if purchasing chain in bulk from our suppliers. So we take scrap off your hands and you save on the cost of your new jewelry.
  • If we have a high volume of customers present we may ask you to wait until we can finish up with them before we inspect your chains.
  • We do not offer cash for scrap chains- store credit only.
  • We reserve the right to refuse the chains if we aren't confident in the metal type.

Check out our Silver Trails & Golden Trails Dangles to see some of this scrap chain employed in beautiful new designs.


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