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Aquaprase Amandangles - Dante Perozzi Jewelry
Aquaprase Amandangles - Dante Perozzi Jewelry

Aquaprase Amandangles


If you like wearing unique pieces that you can't find anywhere else - the Aquaprase Amandangles are meant for you! These earrings are truly stunning featuring beautiful stones and simple yet compelling dangling brass shapes.

Perfect for wearing into the office, or to a social gathering! The Amandangles also make a great gift.

These handmade babes will become your favorite piece in your jewelry collection in no time! 

Mirror Polished Brass and 10 mm Aquaprase 

6 cm x 15 mm



Brass Jewelry if taken care of can be enjoyed and passed down through generations. Brass undergoes a change when exposed to the elements. If it gets wet or has prolonged exposure it will start to turn a deeper color (which can be lovely) but to prevent watermarks be sure to pat it dry after it gets wet. Store it in a pouch or dark place when not in use. If the color changes more than to your liking there are plenty of simple DIY brass cleaning recipes out there. There are also polishing cloths that can be used on brass. Here is a link to more info on brass including one cleaning recipe (you probably already have everything you need in your kitchen cabinet). If you want to keep things really simple, try dipping your brass jewelry in ketchup- this is also great if you have pieces with lots of detailed crevices, this will be easier than tryin' to get into all the corners with a cloth. So many options to bring back the shine. You can always use a conventional cleaner like Brasso.