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Product SKU Price Quantity
Chunky Corner Ring Chunky Corner Ring
from $74.00 variants
Chunky Corner Ring Sterling Silver / 5
DPSSR2862 $132.00
Astra Ear Cuff Astra Ear Cuff
from $38.00 variants
Astra Ear Cuff Sterling Silver
DPSSE2877 $46.00
Nyx Hoops - Multiple Sizes Nyx Hoops - Multiple Sizes
from $74.00 variants
Nyx Hoops - Multiple Sizes Silver / 1"
DPSSE2851 $88.00
2" Nyx Hoops Silver / 2"
DPSSE2851 $128.00
Large 3"  Nyx Hoop Earrings Silver / 3"
DPSSE2851 $186.00
Fan Ear Jackets Fan Ear Jackets
from $76.00 variants
Fan Ear Jackets Brass
DPBRE2856 $76.00
Fan Ear Jackets Sterling Silver
DPSSE2856 $96.00
Amphi Hoop Earrings Amphi Hoop Earrings
from $128.00 variants
Amphi Hoop Earrings Brass
DPBRE2857 $128.00
Amphi Hoop Earrings Sterling Silver
DPSSE2857 $168.00
Thea Pendant Thea Pendant
from $80.00 variants
Thea Pendant Brass
DPBRN2861 $80.00
Thea Pendant Sterling Silver
DPSSN2861 $90.00
Dalles Cuff Dalles Cuff

DPBRB2870 $160.00
Radiant Bangles Radiant Bangles
from $78.00 variants
Radiant Bangles Single / Brass
DPBRB2852 $78.00
Radiant Bangles Single / Sterling Silver
DPSSB2852 $124.00
Pearl Trails Post Dangle Earrings Pearl Trails Post Dangle Earrings

DPE2878 $188.00
Silver Trails Dangle Earring Silver Trails Dangle Earring

DPE2886 $146.00
Fortuna Chunky Chain Bracelet Fortuna Chunky Chain Bracelet
from $238.00 variants
Fortuna Chunky Chain Bracelet Raw Brass
DPBRB2876 $238.00
Fortuna Chunky Chain Bracelet Sterling Silver
DPSSB2876 $395.00
Shackle Link Dangles Shackle Link Dangles
from $106.00 variants
Shackle Link Dangles Sterling Silver / Large
DPSSE2821 $146.00
Shackle Link Dangles Brass / Large
DPBRE2821 $106.00
Elea Threaders Elea Threaders
from $122.00 variants
Elea Threaders Sterling Silver
DPSSE2873 $152.00
Drop Pendant Drop Pendant
from $82.00 variants
Drop Pendant Brass on Gold Filled Chain
DPBRN2865 $82.00
Drop Pendant Sterling Silver
DPSSN2865 $92.00
Slice Studs Slice Studs
from $90.00 variants
Slice Studs Sterling Silver
DPSSE2859 $138.00
Eleas Tears Pendant Eleas Tear Necklace
from $128.00 variants
Eleas Tears Pendant Brass with gold filled chain
DPBRN2888 $128.00
Eleas Tears Pendant Sterling silver with sterling silver chain
DPN2888 $164.00
PELISSE Earrings PELISSE Earrings
from $88.00 variants
PELISSE Earrings Brass
DP3056 $88.00
PELISSE Earrings Sterling Silver
DP3057 $114.00
Golden Trails Earrings Golden Trails Dangle Earrings

DPE2887 $128.00
Cirque Power Pendant Cirque Power Pendant
from $138.00 variants
Cirque Power Pendant Brass
DPBRN2863 $138.00
Cirque Power Pendant Sterling Silver
DPSSN2863 $178.00
from $168.00 variants
DP3048 $168.00
NAIA EARINGS Sterling Silver
DP3049 $190.00
Perfectly Imperfect Square Pendant Perfectly Imperfect Square Pendant
from $80.00 variants
Perfectly Imperfect Square Pendant Brass
DPBRN2845 $80.00
Perfectly Imperfect Square Pendant Sterling Silver
DPSSN2845 $92.00
Radii Cuff Radii Cuff

DPB2879 $138.00
Sabri Peacock Pearl Drops Sabri Peacock Pearl Drops
from $110.00 variants
Sabri Peacock Pearl Drops Brass
DPJ.001279 $110.00
Sabri Peacock Pearl Drops Sterling Silver
DPJ.001280 $142.00
Liana Stacking Ring Liana Stacking Ring
Sterling Silver

Perfectly Imperfect Rectangle Pendant Perfectly Imperfect Rectangle Pendant
from $114.00 variants
Perfectly Imperfect Rectangle Pendant Brass & GF Chain
DPBRN2924 $114.00
Perfectly Imperfect Rectangle Pendant Sterling Silver
DPSSN2924 $128.00
Gift Card - Dante Perozzi Jewelry Gift Card
from $25.00 variants
Gift Card - Dante Perozzi Jewelry $25.00
DPG2841 $25.00
Gift Card - Dante Perozzi Jewelry $50.00
DPG2841 $50.00
Gift Card - Dante Perozzi Jewelry $75.00
DPG2841 $75.00
Gift Card - Dante Perozzi Jewelry $100.00
DPG2841 $100.00
Gift Card - Dante Perozzi Jewelry $200.00
DPG2841 $200.00
Gift Card - Dante Perozzi Jewelry $500.00
DPG2841 $500.00